Episode 024: Mo Isom on Sex and the Church

Mo Isom

In a world overwhelmingly obsessed with sex, why is the church so silent on the topic? Our culture is constantly cheapening and skewing the beautiful gift that God gave us, and it’s time that the church spoke out against the lies.

Author and speaker Mo Isom is joining us on this week’s episode of the iDisciple Podcast to start having those tough conversations. Mo’s personal testimony is rife with the trials of a young person struggling with their understanding of sex, and is a beautiful story of God’s grace through it all.

Despite immense public success as an All-American soccer player at Lousiana State University, Mo lived a life marked by brokenness and a pursuit of anything to fill the void. It wasn’t until God literally wrecked her life in the form of a horrific car accident that she discovered the glory of renewal through Jesus Christ.

In her new book, Sex, Jesus, and the Conversations the Church Forgot, Mo shares candid and powerful stories of how she misunderstood sex before and after becoming a believer, and inspires readers ignore the teachings of the world and return to the original design God had in mind.

We hope and pray that this candid and honest conversation helps you take a deeper look at your worldview on sex, and moves you to seek out God’s plan in all areas of your life!

Key Takeaways

  • Mo recounts her incredible story of coming to Christ after a near-fatal accident driving home from college, and how that moment changed her life forever.
  • Why it’s important for young people to “armor up” with scripture before heading into the difficult real world, and why the church should be teaching them about difficult topics like sex ahead of time.
  • How stunning statistics about pornography use is a sign of a universal heart problem with people that isn’t discussed.
  • Why Eve’s sin in the garden of Eden is a perfect representation of the slippery slope when choose what you think is best instead of what God wants for you.
  • Mo implores us to not look at purity as a rule list, but instead ask the difficult questions about why purity is important in the first place.
  • The reality that sexual issues don’t magically get better after getting married, and why it’s important that believers continue to seek God’s design for sex after marriage.
  • And many more!


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