Episode 019: Karen Stubbs on Biblical Parenting

Parenting is hard, isn’t it? Far too often we find ourselves frustrated and beaten down, feeling like we lack the encouragement and biblical wisdom to raise a family.

If that rings true, then this episode of the iDisciple Podcast is perfect for you! David is joined in the studio by Karen Stubbs, a renowned author, speaker, and motherhood guru. Karen shares with us the story of how God used her tough years as a young military wife and new mom to mold and prepare her to one day launch Birds on a Wire, an international ministry dedicated to equipping and encouraging mothers.

David and Karen’s conversation is filled with stories and advice that will resonate with anyone struggling with the fear and confusion of parenthood. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, an expecting parent or an empty nester, this discussion will leave you with practical parenting wisdom and your spirits raised!

We hope and pray that the wisdom Karen imparts on you during this episode radically changes your family and gives you the boost of inspiration you need!

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Key Takeaways

  • Karen shares a shocking story about her husband having a near disaster while flying planes for the Navy, and how this event lead to a woman telling her she would one day be in ministry.
  • Some of the reasons why her early years as a mother in Virginia were so tough, and how that affected her relationship with the Lord.
  • How the tough years eventually strengthened her faith, and how they positively changed her marriage as well.
  • Why Birds on a Wire is dedicated to both equipping and encouraging mothers, and the reasons why those two things are equally important.
  • Why she believes that the changes in the culture have overwhelmed parents, and tells us why it’s important to “hold the line” in your family when it comes to issues like social media and technology.
  • Karen shares a great story from a recent mission trip, and how it taught her that God has everything in control when it comes to parenting.
  • And many more!



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