Christian Cinema Joins the iDisciple Family

Christian Cinema has joined the iDisciple family. Christian Cinema brings you the broadest selection of faith and family movies that will inspire your heart, refresh your soul, and encourage your faith. We are excited to introduce you to a trusted source for movies that will align with your values. With iDisciple’s existing offering of life-changing, faith-based content, the two organizations have joined to form the largest faith-based media company. We’re excited to bring our users added value as we continue to integrate our organizations.

About Christian Cinema

With hundreds of thousands of customers worldwide, Christian Cinema is the world’s best way to watch Christian movies and TV shows on demand. Build your own library in the cloud. You can watch anytime and anywhere on apps for all your devices. Unlike alternative movie streaming services, there are no commitments or subscriptions. With Christian Cinema, you only pay for the movies you watch, by purchasing or renting. Rental movies are yours to watch for 72 hours from the time of the rental and all movies are hand-selected from the best and brightest in Christian and family film.

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