iDisciple Celebrates 1 Million Users

iDisciple thanks our one million users

  Since it’s creation in 2013, iDisciple has been connecting people daily with God to make a global difference. We are honored and humbled to inspire over 1,000,000 people globally to dive deeper into their faith through life-changing content. iDisciple works with over 300 ministries, authors and speakers to provide a breadth of content from […]

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004: Jedd Medefind on Orphans and Foster Care

Jedd Medefind on Orphans and Foster Care

  Welcome to the iDisciple Podcast! This episode is centered around a very important issue: the church’s role in taking care of orphans and foster children. iDisciple CEO David Henriksen is joined for an eye-opening discussion with Jedd Medefind, President of the Christian Alliance for Orphans (CAFO). Listen Here: Subscribe to the iDisciple Podcast Apple […]

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003: Mary Frances Bowley on Human Trafficking and Fighting Abuse

Mary Frances Bowley on Human Trafficking and Fighting Abuse

This episode is all about raising awareness for the fight against childhood sexual abuse and exploitation. iDisciple CEO David Henriksen and Mary Frances Bowley have a gripping conversation about what lead her from a career in elementary education to leading the charge for an organization dedicated to fighting sex abuse and sex trafficking. Listen Here: […]

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002: Lee Jenkins on Race and the Church

Lee Jenkins on Race and the Church

  On the previous episode of the iDisciple Podcast, Lee Jenkins shared his inspiring insights on faith and family. However, we only scratched the surface of the wisdom he had for us. In this new conversation, Lee and David focus on one of the most divisive issues impacting our country today: Race. What follows is […]

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001: Lee Jenkins on Family and Finance

Lee Jenkins on Family and Finance

  We are excited to welcome Lee Jenkins onto the iDisciple Podcast as our first guest. During our conversation, Lee and iDisciple CEO David Henriksen chat about an array of topics – his professional and personal journey, how to maintain a healthy Christ-like marriage, his non-negotiable financial principles, and many more valuable insights. Listen Here: […]

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‘Onefluence’ seeks to empower Millenials

Tim Elmore

Tim Elmore’s Latest Assignment Focuses on the Future of Leadership By Duane Cross ATLANTA — Dr. Tim Elmore has a little Steve Jobs in him. While Elmore isn’t a titan in Silicon Valley, he is earnestly focused on the next big thing: Onefluence. Jobs once said, “You can’t connect the dots looking forward; you can […]

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“Am I Still Relevant?”

Brad Lomenick

Brad Lomenick Moves from Catalyst Stage to Leadership Stage A TLANTA — Depending on when you initially met Brad Lomenick, he could have been a cowpoke on a ranch. Or a consultant. Or with John Maxwell. Or with Catalyst. Seasons change — and so has Lomenick. iDisciple sat down with Lomenick to dive into identity, […]

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$19,465.00 donated to The Water Effect

#WaterEffect affecting global change By World Vision The Water Effect, a clean water initiative from World Vision, is expanding from 10 countries to 25, in part because of the generosity of iDisciple subscribers. Each month a portion of each iDisciple subscription is donated to World Vision, which was able to bring clean water to an […]

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