003: Mary Frances Bowley on Human Trafficking and Fighting Abuse

Mary Frances Bowley on Human Trafficking and Fighting Abuse

This episode is all about raising awareness for the fight against childhood sexual abuse and exploitation. iDisciple CEO David Henriksen and Mary Frances Bowley have a gripping conversation about what lead her from a career in elementary education to leading the charge for an organization dedicated to fighting sex abuse and sex trafficking.

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Mary Frances Bowley is the Founder and Executive Director of Wellspring Living. This organization has been fighting childhood sexual abuse and exploitation since 2001. She is a leader in bringing the fight against child sex-trafficking to Atlanta and is a founding member of the Georgia Statewide Human Trafficking Task Force.

Mary Frances was appointed to the Governor’s Commission on Domestic Violence in 2010.  She was awarded the Martin Luther King Community Service Award and the AKA Humanitarian Award.  She is also the author of three books, ‘A League of Dangerous Women’, ‘The White Umbrella’, and her latest book, ‘Make It Zero’. Mary Frances resides in Peachtree City with her husband.

We hope this episode shines a light on the way God is working even in the darkest of situations, and inspires you find a way to make a difference in your life.

Key Takeaways

    • Mary Frances highlights the importance of doing something to address a problem as big as human trafficking and trusting God to show you the next steps.
    • How important it is to meet a variety of needs for the girls Wellspring Living takes in, including physical, spiritual, and mental healing.
    • Why she wrote her most recent book, Make it Zero, to help lead people from talking about a problem to actively trying to solve it.
    • Hear some of the simple solutions for keeping children safe and far away from situations where they might be taken advantage of.
    • How Mary Frances has relied on her faith to sustain her while witnessing so much evil and darkness in her time with Wellspring Living.
    • And many more!


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