Episode 041: Bridging the Generational Divide with Grant Skeldon

Grant Skeldon

We live in divisive times. Age, socioeconomic status, race, religion, gender, and much more can be used to split us apart, even within the church. Believers in Jesus should be the first to seek unity over division, but often the enemy tries to divide us.

Today’s guest on the iDisciple Podcast, Grant Skeldon, is setting out to fight that division. Grant is a gifted young author and speaker with an incredible heart for the role millennials play in the Great Commission. As a response to the negative labels that millennials receive, Grant started the Initiative Network. The Initiative Network set out to shift the culture of Dallas by training millennials to be Christ-loving, city-changing, church-investing, disciple-making, local missionaries.

Grant recently released a brand-new book, The Passion Generation. The Passion Generation shares stories and studies drawn from Grant’s years of working to bridge generational gaps and is an excellent guide to understanding millennials and the role they can play in the church. With wit, compassion, and insight, Grant tackles some of the issues that the church can often ignore and fills readers with hope for the future.

In this episode, Grant introduces us to The Passion Generation and shares timeless wisdom about how to bridge the divides that have slowly been forming within the church.

We are excited to introduce our listeners to Grant and pray that his wisdom changes the way you view people who might act or think differently than you!

Key Takeaways

  • Grant gives his testimony about how he became a believer in high school, and how the man who discipled and mentored him drastically changed the direction of his life.
  • What prompted Grant to write The Passion Generation, and how he has seen so many people talk and write about millennials without actually understanding them.
  • Why he believes a lot of the brokenness in the world comes from a lack of fathers, not just biological fathers but also a lack of “father-like” mentorship and discipleship.
  • The difference between older generations view of work and millennials view of work, and why it isn’t an indicator that millennials are lazy but instead shows a shifting in priorities between generations.
  • Why disasters and tragedies in our world often bring people together the most, and how the church can learn from that unity.
  • How the enemy seeks to divide the church in place of outright destroying it, and what we can do to cease those divisions.
  • Grant explains why churches have to start measuring by budgets and buildings, but instead measure by how much discipleship is happening.
  • And many more!


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