Episode 037: Giving Partner Spotlight with World Vision

At Giving Company we fully believe that we are more blessed to give than to receive, as Jesus says in Acts 20:35. Because of that mission, we partner with organizations that give back to underprivileged and marginalized women and children all over the globe.

On this special episode of the iDisciple Podcast, we want to introduce our listeners to one of Giving Company’s valued Giving Partners: World Vision. David is being joined by Steve Haas from World Vision, and Alex Kondratev, a member of the Giving Company team. The trio will be spending some time hearing from Steve about what World Vision is and what kind of work they do across the world, and hearing from Alex and David about an opportunity they had to travel to Ethiopia with World Vision last spring.

We hope this conversation gives you a deeper look at how your support for Giving Company and the iDisciple Podcast is taking people from death to life through initiatives like the World Vision Water Fund, and we pray that it will move you use your time and resources to help provide for those less fortunate.

Key Takeaways

  • How World Vision gets involved with the Hood to Race Relay in Oregon, and how they’ve used the race to raise funds for problems in South Sudan and clean water initiatives.
  • Steve explains the breadth of the World Vision organization and its projects and gives us a look into why World Vision does projects the way that they do.
  • The importance of empowering locals and teaching them how to provide for themselves instead of simply relying on World Vision for their needs.
  • What it means when Steve says God is a “divine host” in some of the dangerous countries World Vision works in, and how that impacts their decision making.
  • Alex and David explain Giving Company’s involvement with World Vision and the Water Fund and highlight how many lives have already been changed by our support.
  • How being in Ethiopia and seeing firsthand the difference between a community with water and one without it affected Alex and showed her how important it was to support World Vision’s work.
  • The trio gives an in depth explanation for how it’s more important than simply giving people clean water, and break down for our listeners how clean water can completely change the lives of women and children in impoverished countries.
  • And many more!

Learn More About How Giving Company Partners with World Vision
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