Episode 028: Your God-Given Identity with Jake Jeffcoat

Jake Jeffcoat

Struggling with your identity and self-worth is an issue that plagues every generation. How do we start seeing ourselves how God sees us? This week’s guest on the iDisciple Podcast is setting out to show people who they really are: made in the image of God.

On this episode, David is joined by up-and-coming Atlanta-based author Jake Jeffcoat. In the past year, Jake graduated college, got married, and released his first book all before turning 22-years-old. But don’t let that age fool you, his new book, Image, is filled with timeless wisdom that can impact entire generations.

Today we’ll be getting to know Jake better, hearing about his heart for younger generations who are struggling 24/7 with finding their identity and learning who God says we are in His word. This conversation is a candid look at the ways we all wrestle with finding self-worth and is an encouraging reminder that we can always find ourselves in the Lord.

We pray that David and Jake’s discussion will help you look past the image you have for yourself and start seeing the image of God in your life!

Key Takeaways

  • Jake shares the story of how his new book, Image came to be, starting with a college research paper on the negative effects of social media on self-esteem.
  • How struggles with self-image affected Jake as a high school athlete that needed to look and perform a certain way.
  • What it means when Jake says the book is written for a specific generation, but that the problem it addresses isn’t generationally specific.
  • Why social media, with its constant comparisons and visual stimuli, is so dangerous with how it skews people’s self-image.
  • How Jesus fighting the devil’s temptation in the scripture is the key to us defeating the enemy’s lies.
  • Why focusing solely on goals, such as Jake’s desire to be the best at sports, will always leave us wanting more.
  • Jake reminds us how Jesus death on the cross is what gives us infinite worth.
  • And many more!



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