Why You Should Dream Big for 2018 and Beyond

dream big for 2018

by Adrion Porter
As we enter into a new year – now is the time for us to really think about our goals, and what we want for 2018 and the years ahead.

But as we establish our personal treasure map and blueprint for success – it’s important that we’re very careful to not place unnecessary “limitations” on our goals, our plans, and our overall dreams that we envision for our lives.

Many of us in fact hold back when it comes to goal setting and what we foresee in our future. For example, we ask ourselves questions like these:

Should I only focus on accomplishing small wins first, instead of thinking about big goals?

Are my goals actually too unrealistic and unattainable?

Am “I” actually the best person to set such a massive goal?

This type of thinking is very limiting and extremely dangerous. Yet, the more we go beyond our comfort zones and stretch our goals, the more fruits we actually receive for our efforts.

To illustrate further, this “BIG thinking” principle is very eloquently outlined in the New York Times best seller and one of the leading books on personal development: The ONE Thing, by Gary Keller and Jay Papasan.

In the book the authors address the common falsehood that “Big is Bad”, and counter this by stating that “thinking big is essential to extraordinary results.” 

In fact, I had the wonderful opportunity to interview the co-author, Jay Papasan, where he and I unpacked many key nuggets from the book – including the idea thinking and acting BIG, and not fearing failure as a result of doing so.

Also in our everyday lives, there are moments when we lock our eyes too often staring in our rearview mirror, and dwell on all of the things that hindered us from previous progress. Or, we may actually spend too much time basking in the glow of past successes.

While it’s okay to sometimes remember and reflect on our touchdowns and game winning shots, we must understand that forward progress is a direct result of forward thinking. We cannot, and I repeat…cannot let the past cancel our date with destiny.

This time is critical for you to truly uncover, unpack, and unlock what makes you unique and prepared for unlimited success in 2018 and beyond.

Remember, your entire life’s journey has prepared you for this moment. It has prepared you to go beyond what you “think” is possible. It has prepared you to become the exceptional and powerful person that you were created to be.

So starting right here, right now – dream BIG, nurture your gifts, focus on giving the world the best of YOU, and don’t leave your greatness on the table!

Question: Are you ready to dream BIG and set BIG goals for 2018 and the years ahead?  Please feel free to share your thoughts below and/or on social media.


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