The Holiday Resources Gift Guide

holiday gift guide

  Start celebrating the season of light and love with these holiday resources. Whether a gift for a loved one or something for yourself, enjoy a great read celebrating the season of anticipation, celebration and salvation. These resources will welcome the holiday season with the promise of love and great joy. 1. The Heart of […]

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The Christmas Blessing

Christmas Blessing

  by Melody Carlson November 21, 1944 San Diego, California Amelia Richards blinked back tears of hopelessness as she pressed the lid of her over-packed suitcase closed. Pausing to shove an escaped baby sweater sleeve back into the well-worn case, she snapped the last brass fastener with a click of finality. “There.” She stood up […]

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The Song of the Angels

Song of the Angels

  by Jacques Baenigne Bossuet “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace to men of good will” (cf. Luke 2:14). Peace is announced to the whole world: the peace of man with God by the remission of sins; the peace of men with one another; the peace of man with himself by […]

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