Episode 031: Understanding the Word of God with Skip Heitzig

Skip Heitzig

The bible is filled with incredible stories and life-changing truth, but often we struggle as believers to understand how it affects our lives today. How radically would our lives change if we had a firmer grasp on all of the wisdom God offers us? This week’s guest on the iDisciple Podcast is setting out to do just that: help believers and non-believers alike dive deeper into the word of God.

On this episode, David is joined by pastor and speaker Skip Heitzig. Skip ministers to over 15,000 people as senior pastor of Calvary Albuquerque, and thousands more across the globe with his multimedia ministry. In addition to that, Skip is the prolific author of several books, including Defying Normal, The Bible From 30,000 Feet, and a series of books about how to better understand the bible.

Skip is joining us today to share his personal faith story, and to take us deeper into his latest book, You Can Understand the Book of Genesis. The conversation is a powerful reminder of how much the word of God can change our lives, if we take the time to understand it.

We pray that David and Skip’s discussion inspires you to open up your bible and seek out the truth that the Lord has for you, and helps you see the scriptures in an entirely different light!

Key Takeaways

  • Skip tells us the story behind his faith journey growing up in Southern California and how watching a Billy Graham broadcast finally lead him to Christ.
  • Why Skip’s mentality when he started planting his church was that if God was calling him, He would show him what to do.
  • The reason why ministry has to constantly evolve with new technologies to help reach the lost.
  • The connection between the New Testament and the Book of Genesis, and how Jesus highlights the importance for understanding what happened before.
  • How God is continuing to reveal himself more and more from Genesis through Revelation.
  • Skip shares his life verse and one of his favorite themes in scripture: how God is using broken and sinful people to do His work.
  • David and Skip highlight some of the important people in Genesis and why their stories matter.
  • And many more!



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